Reach Consumer Insights is a Pan-African consumer insights agency registered in Cape Town, South Africa.

We work with a strong network of partner supplier agencies, spread across key markets where we have in-depth in-market knowledge and experience.

We can quickly and efficiently deliver on assignments in any market with considered and well planned processes and diligent project management.

We successfully run both multi-methodology and multi-country assignments for a variety of clients who operate in markets all across the continent.

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The essence of what defines the Reach person is simple – an endless curiosity and interest in the world around us. We challenge the norm and interrogate the unknown.

The freelancers, recruiters, supplier agencies and consultants that work with Reach keep to this philosophy and bring an eclectic mix of skills and interests to the party.

Reach was founded by Moowa Masani who has over a decade of work experience as a qualitative market researcher and consumer insights professional. In 2004 armed only with a law degree and a hunger to understand the world around him, he was fortunate enough to enter the fray of branding and consumer behaviour with a global branding and insights agency.

Categories worked on ranged from FMCG to property management and covered markets across Sub-Sahara. Fast forward to 2013 – stints with several research houses, advertising agencies and post-graduate studies brought him full circle back to the coal face of consumer behaviour and Reach was born.

When he is not questioning, probing, observing and unpacking, this urban adventurer and pan-Africanist can be found absorbing continental popular culture and deciphering what influences the world we live in.


Reach Consumer Insights provides an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour on each and every project. We base our processes on a strong contextual investigation and analysis of the brand issue.

We work with our clients and interrogate the brief and the suggested insights gathering process to develop a hypothesis and be-spoke road-map suited for specific challenges presented.

Our insights’ generating process looks to contemporary cultural phenomena and how brands fit in with consumers’ lives further contextualising brand relevance.

We look beyond the obvious at every stage of our assignment , approaching brand and market challenges with the aim of arriving at and delivering a fresh consumer and market perspective in answering business and branding challenges.



Ours is an INTER-DISCIPLINARY process combining conventional market research tools with solid social sciences methodologies re-worked into a creative approach that delivers well thought out CONSUMER-CENTRIC branding solutions.


This provide us with rich context of the market in which your brand exists.

The combination of brand communications, popular media, arts, and societal norms and associations, social commentary collectively make up cultural collateral.
This collateral is put together and analysed in the search for and discovery of a compelling and differentiated solution for your brand.


The classical research methodology is injected with creativity and innovation to maximise time spent with target audience

Groups are held in-situ in a conversational manner. Creative exercises tap into the subconscious adds increased sincerity around brand associations and more accurately predict likelihood to purchase.


This is both a method of conducting research and a research output making for rich and powerful insights.

Ethnographic work allow for a culturalisation of the researcher allow for analysis from the perspective of the insider and deliver richer and more contextually accurate brand solutions.


This is the art and science of interpreting the meaning of social convention and cultural phenomena that make up everyday lived experiences.

People are aware of, and react to social/cultural symbolisms but often do so habitually as a outine part of their lives.
Semiotics helps to explain the cultural significance of what people see and experience.


Leveraging the power of mobile, we are able to deliver Quali-Quant findings with speed and flexibility.

Our mobile partner has experience working across the continent whether it be by stand alone data collection methods or through bespoke client brand/category mobile panels.


Unlocking consumer insights through structured numerical and statistical data.

Through our quantitative research field-partners we are able to conduct consumer insights work in key markets across the continent, covering a broad spectrum of research themes.


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